This is my revisit after 8 years! the views are the same, but the facilities have improved, I believe it because of the visitors have been increased after all these years.

It’s a breathtaking view from N Seoul Tower. The place is really awesome overlooking Seoul City, you will surely appreciate the view. 8 years ago I visit N Seoul tower during the day, it is awesome to be able to see the whole city, however, this time around I revisit the tower during the night. I am sure the daylight view is great, but I can definitely recommend a night trip.

There are two ways you can go to N Seoul Tower, either by cable car or by bus then walk up to the tower. The cable car ride does offer a lovely view but If you are like me, that love enjoying the fresh air and awesome view while walking then I would suggest you take the shuttle bus from Myeondong (if you are from here) then take the trek to the top.

Inside the tower, there are many choices of souvenirs, even though I think its a bit overpriced ( I would recommend you buy souvenirs here) and there are also few fancy restaurants but I just decided to enjoy a drink at the bottom of the tower with a reasonable price and absolutely delicious.

One thing to look out at the bottom of the tower are the performances. However, the performance usually takes place during the day.

Nevertheless, Visiting the famous tower in Seoul is a something that you simply can’t miss because the views are considered spectacular especially at nighttime.


  • Cable car  (Go straight from Myungdong Station Exit 5 towards Hoehyeon Intersection and then turn left. Take the Namsan Outdoor Escalator to the platform and then take the cable car to arrive at Namsan Seoul Tower. )
  • Shuttle bus – No. 02,03 and 05


  • Sunday-Friday: 10:00-23:00
  • Saturday: 10:00-24:00


  • Observatory – 10,000 KRW (adult), 8000 KRW (children/elderly)
  • Cable Car – 1,200 KRW


  • The observation deck on the top of the tower
  • Souvenir shops
  • Restaurants


  • Go early around 10am to 5pm or you will have to queue for hours after 6pm.
  • Avoid weekends because most people take the cable car in the evening to be able to see the sunset.
  • The food is pricey at the tower.
  • Choose a bright and sunny day for your visit during the daylight to enjoy the spectacular view.



Spectacular view from the top
Was surprised by a little cutie
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