001708100170750017069Lately, I started getting acne on my body. I’m totally not happy with it because it will leave scars on my body. I went to a drugstore and was looked through a few products that help acne problem. I was introduced to two product but I choose this one because it looks and smells like medicine so I bet this one works better.


The product is formulated by Dermatologist and claims to treats acne for both face and body. This product is suitable for oily skin and acne treatment. It contains Natural Sulphur.

The product claims 3 effective actions:
1. It relieves the clogged pores and impurities.
2. It cleanses the pores from germs and bacteria and also reduces the excessive oil.

3. It protects and prevents skin from further possible problems.

The product also says that it contains volcanic sulfur as a natural active ingredient. The soap is also uniquely developed as a skin care soap to help in the treatment or prevention of skin problems.


MYR 10.00 (USD 2.56)


A bar soap


Rinse Skin with water, lather Soap and apply to skin. It is recommended to use twice daily and to avoid contact with the eyes if you use on your face


  • No doubt! it does reduce my acne on the back of my body and DOES NOT come back.
  • The best part is that it can be used on both body and face. So, if you have acne on your face then this will work too.
  • Super cheap!
  • A bar of soap able to last you months!


  • The smells not really pleasant. It smells like a medicine
  • Storage issue as I need to keep in a special container and take it out before the shower and keep it back after the shower.
  • Less foaming

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