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Penang is one of my favourite cities in Malaysia because it nears to the beach and it has a lot of historical places. This is my second time visited Penang and I’m pretty excited because I went there with my family, sort of family vacation but with last minute notice. There are not many clean clothes that I have at that time because I just came back from Krabi, Thailand. So, I just grabbed whatever I have in my closet and my sister’s closet.

With that, I got this look which I love so much. Everything is last minute but it turned out pretty well.

My favourite item is the Ray-ban sunglasses.


Shawl: Night Market 🙂

Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

Long Shirt: My sister closet 🙂

Pants: Brands outlet

Shoes: Nike Imax



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I make pretty things I love making DIY projects I love decoration I like to transform old stuff to new. I like to recycle things (hopefully, it saves the environment) I love traveling (especially when I have the budget)

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