A trip to Medina is not complete without visiting the place where it called Uhud. This is one of the important places to remember as Muslim. I always heard about the story of Uhud when I was a kid, never thought in my life that I will have the opportunity to visit this place in real life.


This is a historical place and a very nice place to visit especially when you have a very good tour guide like mine whereby he told us the story of the Uhud Battle chronologically and showed us the exact place of the things happen and we were so touched with the story told.


The mount Uhud where the battle of Uhud took place. Prophet Muhammad PBUH instructed a few archers not to leave the hill at any cost. The order was very clear by uttering these words to the archers, “If you saw us prevail and start to take spoils, do not come to assist us. And if you saw us get vanquished and birds eat from our heads, do not come to assist us.”

This was a strategic decision in order to cover the vulnerable flanks of the outnumbered Muslim army which a 50:1 ratio. The archers on the hill were to protect the left flank, while the right flank was to be protected by the Mount of Uhud situated on the east side of the Muslim camp.It meant Muslim army wouldn’t be surrounded or encircled by the Meccan cavalry.

But as the battle progressing and Muslims were sure to win, few Muslim soldiers left the top of the hill and became busy to collect the spoils. The situation turned and the enemy regrouped them and launched a counter-attack on Muslims. The result of the battle was undecided.

Around 70 were honoured with martyrdom.The Prophet Muhammad PBUH instructed the martyrs to be buried still covered with blood, in the condition that they had fallen and at the exact place, they were fallen.

I was told by our tour guide, after so many years there is a vast flood in Medina that caused the body of martyrs emerged on the ground. So they re-buried them in one place and was fenced (see below picture).



Many things we can learn from history. That is why visiting a historical place is really important, part of it as a lesson to us. Its a real life education to us as a person.

Nowadays, this area was filled with visitors and you will see some other attractions also.

A new beautiful mosque was built for the visitors. I couldn’t stay long as we were rushing to go back to An-Nabawi mosque hence the weather is a bit cold.

You may go there with the public sharing hired vehicles which will cost 10 to 15 SR only. Nearby, there are people selling traditional things with cheap price.




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