Honestly, I do not know about this mosque until I visit Medina. It is true when people said, “travelling open you to a new knowledge”. However, I’m not the only one who does now know about this mosque, so many people in the group also have a little knowledge about this mosque.

Men’s Entry Doors

Quba is located on the outskirts of Madinah. We went there by bus because it’s a bit far from An-Nabawi mosque which is the area we stayed in Medina. However, no cars or buses back then, Prophet Muhammad used to go there by riding or walking.

Narrated by Abdullah bin Dinar: Ibn ‘Umar (may Allah be pleased with him) said, “The Prophet used to go to the Mosque of Quba every Saturday (sometimes) walking and (sometimes) riding.”

Inside Quba Mosque (Women area)

Quba is one of the historical places in Islam. It is the place where the Prophet S.A.W, accompanied by Abu Bakr R.A arrived and stayed for several days in the house of Kulthoom bin Hadm R.A after emigrating from Makkah. The Prophet S.A.W then laid the foundations of Quba mosque on his land. Quba Mosque is the first mosque to be built in Islam. Most of the Muslims who had emigrated from Makkah had stayed at Quba and many of them were there when the Prophet S.A.W arrived.

The Prophet S.A.W personally carried stones, rocks and sand with his companions for the construction work. Al-Tabarani quoted Al-Shimous Bint Al-Nuaman as saying, “I saw the Prophet when he constructed this mosque. He used to carry stones and rocks on his back until it was bent. I also saw dust on his dress and belly. But when one of his companions would come to take the load off him, he would say no and ask the companion to go and carry a similar load instead.” Let me ask you, has any leader would do such a thing in these days?


What so special about this mosque? The hadith was conveyed to us by a Medina university student which was one of our guides, that the Prophet S.A.W said: “He who purifies himself at his home and comes to Masjid Quba and offers two rakats therein, will be rewarded the reward of an Umrah (lesser pilgrimage).” [Sunan Ibn Majah].

WOW!! it is hard to hear about this mosque online or social media yet it so special until if anyone performs 2 rakats of prayer they will be rewarded as already performing an umrah. Performing an Umrah is not easy you have to do Tawaf (circling the Kaaba) 7 times, then you have to saie ( 7 runs between Safa and Marwah hills) yet in this mosque you’ll get that after performing 2 rakats of prayer.

DSC01269Today this mosque, not only as a place of worship but also as a place of the tourist attraction as I can see so many people set up small stalls on the outskirt of the mosque selling a different type of goods.

The freshest dates I ever saw.

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While here alhamdulillah (praises to god) I grab the opportunity to pray 2 rakats of prayer. Insyaallah (If god will) I will come back again.


Way back from the mosque to our bus.



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