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Craving halal food in Seam Reap? Don’t worry, there are options for you to choose.There is Makan Makan restaurant, Maharajah restaurant, Cambodian Muslim family and a lot more. Even you can find Halal KFC Chicken restaurant, that is rare.

Food is something that a must-try activity whenever I travel. Thailand food is the more remembered food that I can’t resist. It’s so delicious but absolutely spicy. It made me cried while eating but keep eating, how weird is that :).


This is the first place I stopped by to get food. The Cambodian Muslim restaurant, most of the menu is Malaysian dishes. It has a praying room which very convenience to Muslims that whenever they are in the middle of the travel from one place to other, they can stop by here, to eat, pray and continue the journey.

Due to my curiosity about the name of this fried rice on the menu, so I ordered nasi goreng Daging Lok Lak.

It looks delicious when it reached to me, despite I’m so hungry. Unfortunately, it tasted bland. The price is average, not too expensive yet not really cheap as well because we still need to pay in US Dolar.

Because of staff hardly to understand English, we are communicated using our body gestures. Its really interesting experience.

On the next day, my friend and I went to a different restaurant called Muslim Family Restaurant nearby The Cambodian Muslim restaurant. I read online this restaurant was viewed as the best HALAL food restaurant in Siem Reap. So its a must-try restaurant for me in Seam Reap. They have a varied menu with original spices including set menu, lunch and dinner and also breakfast.

So we ordered Beef climbing Mountain because if you in adventure then you should explore the opportunity to be adventurous such as try the food that differs with you hometown taste. This food is the signature of Cambodia.

They brought out all fresh ingredients and prepared the food in front of us with a portable gas stove.It was basically a black peppered sliced beef cooked with vegetables. To be honest nothing special about this dish except it was prepared on a mounted frying pan. We also ordered mango salad because we were so hungry.


On the next day, we went again to the same restaurant. We tried their soups as it was raining day, the best way to chill out.

Khmer Soup
Beef soup

Their fried rice also not bad but not as delicious as my hometown.



This restaurant is clean and big, they have a clean toilet and praying room. Great location as it is located near night market, pub-street and Masjid An Neakmah. They also have a souvenir store inside the restaurant. You may buy souvenier here because I did compare some of the souvenir prices with night market, I found out some of it much cheaper here.


Overall, I honestly can say the Cambodian food is not my type of food. The food was not as delicious as per what you see but this restaurant (Muslim Family Restaurant) served much better food compared to others.The toilet was clean and the staff were very helpful and friendly. So, I can say that if you visit Siem Reap this is one of the places you need to go.


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