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This journey became the most important journey in my life. Never in my life felt this nervous as this is the first time for me performing the Umrah, one of the most important spiritual significant for me as a Muslim. With shaken legs, I Stepped out from the hotel room in Medina. No one knows whats inside my heart as I just portrayed the everyday face to them whilst I kept praying in the hope Allah will accept and grand me a mabroor (blessed) umrah.

My Umrah started at Bir Ali mosque as a Miqat (a confirmed place) for us to take niat (intention), this is one of the places where prophet Muhammad S.A.W enter into the state of ‘Ihram’ (a sacred state which a Muslim must enter in order to perform the pilgrimage).

Once I enter this stage, my heart was beating so fast as my Umrah has begun. With this I am obligated to strictly follow the rules and be cautious to not disobeyed all of the rules on purpose, otherwise, I need to pay damm (compensate the mistake/omission during the Umrah)

Whilst in Ihram, I’m not allowed :

  • To cover my face.
  • To wear gloves.
  • To use perfume or anything that has sweet nice scent such as soap.
  • I’m not allowed to use any oils on my hair or body.
  • Take off any hair from my body.
  • Cut my nails.
  • Chop down, cut down, pull off any trees or plants in Mecca.
  • Hunt or hurt animals in Mecca.
  • Kissing or anything that causes the lust.
  • To have sex.
  • Married, a witness for marriage.

The journey from Medina to Mecca takes about 6 hours by bus. I was thinking how long prophet Muhammad S.A.W took to reach Mecca from Medina if it already took 6 hours by bus but his journey was by camel. It takes a lot of courageous and patients to go through that kind of journey back then, peace be upon him.

Never in my life felt this way. Never in my life went on any journey felt scared, nervous and the unexplainable feelings inside me but at the same time excited.I’m scared Allah will not accept my submission to him. I’m scared Allah will not bless my journey. I’m scared I will waste my money without getting any good in it.

If you a non-muslim, I’m not so sure you’ll understand what I’m talking about, but if you a Muslim I strongly believe that you’ll understand.

Within the journey, My mind was focused on Umrah and always reminded myself on do not breaking the rules. I was non stop zikr and prayed that my journey will be blessed and accepted by Allah until I fall asleep.


Then, I was awake by this beautiful sunset which gave me an insight understanding about the beauty of nature. And alhamdulillah we were blessed with this beauty before performing our umrah.


Suddenly, we were reminded by our mutawwif (the guider) to not speak nonsense while we here. Spend our time here to give submission to Allah. With that, I realised, we have reached Mecca (the forbidden city).

On our way to perform Tawaf (circling the Kaaba7 times), Right at the moment, I saw Kaaba, the tears fall off from my eyes as I never thought in my life I will have the chance to see Kaaba in real life. I told my sister “Sis, we are here”.


Nothing more I think except submission to god. Praises to God, it went well and I prayed to have a Mabroor Umrah, Insyaalah. I have the most peaceful mind ever in my life while in Mecca.I prayed to Allah that he will bless me with the abundance of sustenance and a good health so I will have the chance come back again. Amin!


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