Victoria Secret is a huge brand, they are really pricey that’s what makes me myself get so nervous whenever I pass or inside of Victoria’s Secret store. However, I consider these fragrance mists are affordable. From my point of view, it’s not too expensive.I can’t forget on the day that they launched a huge sale and it did not make me think twice, I just grab it as much as I can.


It has new look compare to usual design which is fancy. These fragrance mists are simple but still fancy. It claimed this is better-than-ever formula. These fragrance mists are made by the custom scents which is from extracted flowers and fruits.

Victoria’s Secret produces these fragrance mists with various scents. such as


  • Rush: Juicy clementine and crystal amber
  • Pure Seduction: Red plum and freesia
  • Love Addict: Wild orchid and blood orange


  • Love Spell: Cherry blossom and peach
  • Aqua Kiss: Rain-kissed freesia and daisy
  • Blush: Grapefruit blossom and magnolia


  • Sheer Love: White cotton and pink lily

Fruity Floral

  • Temptation: Fresh apple and saguaro flower


  • Bare Vanilla: Whipped vanilla and apple blossom
  • Amber Romance: Amber and crème anglaise
  • Coconut Passion: Vanilla and coconut
  • Passion Struck: Fuji apple and vanilla orchid


The actual price is MYR 79 (USD 18.62) each but I managed to get RM40 (USD 9.43) because they were having a huge sale and I bought few of it.




You may spray this fragrance mist all over your body. Just consider it as a perfume.

edited 3.jpg


  • It smells so good. I got a lot of compliments by using this.
  • The affordable price compare to other Victoria’s Secret products
  • High quality but affordable.
  • Last longer! The staff at Victoria’s Secret told me that this fragrance mist only last for about 2 to 3 hours. However, after I tried its definitely last longer than that. I can say more than 3 hours. I consider its amazing products since it just a fragrance mist not a perfume.
  • Also last longer again! because with that price you got 250ml. It could last more than a month.


  • The packaging is too big. It, not something that easy for me to carry every day and everywhere.

edited 2

This is my most favourite Victoria’s Secret fragrance mist ever. It named Exotic and the smell is exotic and aromatic, it so good!!!!…. I couldn’t complain more. Unfortunately, sorry guys the staff told me this exotic version is a limited edition which is they won’t come out with exotic anymore, sadly 😦

This is the perfect accessory! Change your mood. Change your mist. Collect them all!

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