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This is the most satisfied DIY I ever made so far. I got the idea to make this because I needed a stylish clutch that I can use for any special event which is able to fit all my few essential items, such as my cosmetics and wallet.


  1. Felt Fabric
  2. Glitter Fabric
  3. Zipper
  4. Scissor
  5. Glue Gun
  6. Needle
  7. Thread


First: The Clutch Size

  • Wide: as per zipper size which is 13 inch. This the perfect size for me.
  • Height: 11 inch
  • Prepare 2 pieces of this size.

  • Prepare another strip with 13 inches wide and 4-inch height. This strip is for the ribbon, you’ll see how it works once it’s done.

  • For glitter fabric (ribbon) – the size as per the clutch – Wide 13 inch, height 11 inches

Second: Making the Ribbon

  • To get a better measurement, fold the fabric into 2 and mark the middle of the fabric and that is where you start tuck up the fabric to make it look like ribbon.

  • Once you get a perfect shape of the ribbon, cut a tiny strip from the fabric, wrap in the middle of the ribbon and put a bit of glue in between. This is as a supporter to the ribbon so it won’t come off.


  • Then stick the ribbon on a small felt strip that you cut earlier.

Third: Making the Clutch

  • Attach the ribbon to the fabric by using pins


  • Now time to sew the zipperIMG_5054.jpg
  • Next is the clutch.To make sure you sew the right edges you may pin the fabric together but please ensure that you have it’s inside out meaning you are sewing from the inside not outside of the clutch


  • Once everything was done, fix the ribbon so it looks perfect.



  • Use the glue gun and paste at 4 corners of the ribbon.This is to prevent the ribbon from fall down when you hold it straight up because the fabric is soft but before that, make sure you insert a book or any hard paper to keep out the glue goes through the other side of the bag.


Here is how the small strip works. whenever you carry the clutch you can slip in your hand inside.


the final result is amazing! I’m absolutely satisfied with this clutch and now would you please ..please….please.. share with me if you ever try to make this. I want to see and I want to know guys!

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