We always care about our face, usually not our body.I bought this body bath by accident because I got a voucher. So I rather use it than wasted.


This body bath is extracted from natural ingredients which are Babassu Oil (smoother and moisturiser ) from Latin America, Baobab Oil ( excellent moisturizer too) from Africa & Chufa Oil (anti-ageing care and moisturize) from France and these all are 100% Eco-certified oils meaning it was from a genuine nature and ecotourism operators.

It also contains green tea and aloe vera as an extra ingredient to moisturize our skin, also Apricot seeds that helps exfoliate our skin.

This product filled with oils that moisturise our skin and I think that is why it emphasizes on the bottle that this product 5x moisturisers.

The texture sort of creamy or liquid, also the texture is soft. It actually felt like a bit of scrub. You may dispense this onto your palms or body sponge, lather with water and massage gently over the skin then Rinse off with clean water.

PRICE – RM15.92 ( USD  3.77)


  • Dermatologically tested & proven
  • Eco-certified oils
  • Soften & Moisturise my skin
  • Saving product – You just dispense a small amount on your palm and rub it as much as you can. it creates bubles that enough for your body.
  • One of the thing that I like is its exfoliating
  • It has Apricot seed that makes it feel like scrub, 2 in 1 I guess


  • It does the job for moisturize but not so much on exfoliate. I dont get the feeling.
  • You know the feeling when you got out from bathcroom you want to smeel good, This body bath doesn’t have much aromatic.

if you are looking for a formulated product that extracted natural ingredients, this is the best product you can try.

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