LOREAL Revitalift Magic Blur – Eye Cream

Well! when your age is around 30s you’ll need this. Some people suggested you need to start using eye cream since early 20’s but the things are eye cream is not cheap, but drugstore eye cream is the best.They are affordable and it works pretty well.

ABOUT LOREAL Revitalift Magic Blur –  It contains mica, titanium dioxide, and iron oxides. Honestly, I don’t know what is it but I’ve read those ingredients are able to brighten undereye shadows.

It also contains Caffeine to reduce the signs of ageing and diminishes puffiness and dark circles Due to this I bought this product. Expert says that the best under eye cream should have these 3 things or either one, which is niacinamide (for anti-redness), caffeine ( for brighten) or retinol (for wrinkles)

It came with a creamy texture. You may apply this early in the morning and evening. gently tap using your fingertips.

PRICE – The price is a bit expensive for me. Rm67.86 (USD 16) but I think this an affordable price for eye cream since most eye creams are expensive.


  • I have to admit it does ‘blur’ my undereye wrinkles
  • It also smoothens my undereye skin.
  • I realize the darkness under my eyes is reduced.


  • It claimed instantly reduced lines, eye bags and dark circles which I don’t agree. yes it works but not instantly
  • The cream is a bit silky and often doesn’t mix very well with my concealer.

In general, there is really nothing mind-blowing about this eye cream but I honestly it is reasonable with the price. for me, it does work but not instantly. you need to make sure to apply it every day to get a good result.


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