Calm, peaceful and relaxing that’s the words I can describe this restaurant called Delicious. My friends and I accidentally chose this restaurant to celebrate their birthday because the restaurant that we originally planned to go was closed. I can say it’s a pleasant place to chill out with your friends or family any time of the day.

They also have a designated area for reading with tons of books provided.

I dare to say that they have a very good service and friendly waiters, they all sang the birthday song together with us.The food is great but I think it is a bit pricey for local standards.

such as this Lamb Shank it cost RM40 per serving and this duck meat sandwich cost RM32.

also not forget the cake. They have varieties of cakes here that you can choose. We chose tiramisu cake, the price is RM21 for a slice.Well, it is expensive for a slice of cake.

However, I think it’s worth paying for because we hang out, chit chat and laugh together in this restaurant for hours and will definitely go again!

Anyways happy birthday dear friends. I love hanging out with you guys.

for more details, you may visit their website



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