This Cotton Pad is AMAZING!!

For 3 days I was run out cotton pads which are very crucial for me to remove my makeup.

I went to Guardian (drugstore) and searched for the brand that I usually used to, however, my eyes was caught by these beautiful boxes with sales sign on it.

It always my habit to buy something on sales and also my habits to calculate whether is worth it or not.But Guardian cotton facial squares is definitely worth.

Currently, (at the time and date this post out) this product is on sales but only in the store. If I buy four boxes, it cost me RM9.88 (2.30USD) which is the actual price (not during sales) is RM3.88 (0.90USD) per box. Hence it contains 100 pieces per box, can you imagine how much money I saved from this.

The moment I used it for the first time, oh dear! I’m absolutely satisfied with this product. Once I poured my makeup remover liquid it absorbs very well, once I lay on my lips and gently rub my lips, amazingly it removes my lipstick very well, the pad is really soft. It matches very well with what it says on the box, soft & care.

Hence I also used the other side of the pad because it doesn’t leak too much. This can be mean I only used one cotton pad to remove my lipstick. This is what I call saving! haha

Usually, cotton pad easily breaks when you try to rub wherever on your face but this one doesnt break at all because both sides are tightly sealed.

I have a different kind of experience with this product. I never had this kind of satisfaction on a cotton pad. However, once I looked through the box and read the information written on it.

I found out that this is really a high quality of cotton pads. This product was tested and proven by Dermatology.

It also said this cotton is 100% pure cotton fluff with the non-woven outer layers, no wonder it so soft.

The most amazing thing about this product is the price. Despite its high quality cotton, it still stays at affordable price eventhough its not on sales. Thank you, Guardian, for this amazing Cotton Facial Squares.

P/S: this is not a sponsor post.


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