I write this post so other people won’t wasting their money like me on useless products. These are just literally the worst makeup brushes I ever tried. I’m not trying to bash any brands, I just review whatever I feel not right on me.A year ago, I really wish to have a makeup brush because I’m started getting into makeup.

So I met this Mary Kay beauty consultant and she bragging about Mary Kay products. I can’t deny some of Mary Kay products are good, but some of it is just bad.So I decided to buy a collection of Mary Kay Makeup brush, the price is not cheap at all. It cost me almost RM200.

My frustrating started when I use the brush for the first time. It was so rough, especially the eye crease brush, it hurts my crease and when I tried to other people, the feedback is still the same.

At first, I thought it was me the one who didn’t know how to use a makeup brush but it wasn’t. After using it for few times I gave up . do you know what happens?! I can see my crease area developed a wrinkle. The skin at eye area is very sensitive, we should treat it gently, from that moment I stop using it.

So I don’t suggest you buy this brush because it definitely will harm your face.

I rate these brushes  0 out of 10.




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