I write this post so other people won’t wasting their money like me on useless products. These are just literally the worst makeup brushes I ever tried. I’m not trying to bash any brands, I just review whatever I feel not right on me.A year ago, I really wish to have a makeup brush because I’m started getting into makeup.

So I met this Mary Kay beauty consultant and she bragging about Mary Kay products. I can’t deny some of Mary Kay products are good, but some of it is just bad.So I decided to buy a collection of Mary Kay Makeup brush, the price is not cheap at all. It cost me almost RM200.

My frustrating started when I use the brush for the first time. It was so rough, especially the eye crease brush, it hurts my crease and when I tried to other people, the feedback is still the same.

At first, I thought it was me the one who didn’t know how to use a makeup brush but it wasn’t. After using it for few times I gave up . do you know what happens?! I can see my crease area developed a wrinkle. The skin at eye area is very sensitive, we should treat it gently, from that moment I stop using it.

So I don’t suggest you buy this brush because it definitely will harm your face.

I rate these brushes  0 out of 10.



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Hello and welcome! I’m a Malaysian based beauty, fashion and travel blogger. However, you’ll also find about beauty tips, lifestyle and DIYs. Maybe some of you wondering why my blog called beautyjelita right? Jelita also means beauty in Bahasa. Beauty is a something that gives you a great pleasure especially when you look at it, you’ll feel happy, it pleases you. So, by doing this blog, it gives me happiness. That is why I call it ‘beautyjelita’. I’m posting on my blog every week. Feel free to leave a comment and follow me on social media!


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