This idea struck me during the weekend, when I was alone at home, lazy but super hungry. Since I ate rice every day, so I want something different like western food, then I looked through the fridge just grabbed whatever I want then wrap it. it doesn’t take much time to make this and the great thing is, it’s not involved a lot of cooking.

so we will start with the wrap filling. I cut the chicken breast like finger shape.

and this the recipe that makes this wrap delicious.

I use :

  • An egg
  • Bread Crumbs
  • Crispy Fried Chicken Coating Mix brand Bestari (I’m so in love with this mix, it’s delicious)

now coat the chicken fingers into the each of the ingredients and  fry until brown

Well, I don’t have the regular wrap like a tortilla wrap. so I use this whole wheat paratha.Cook over medium-high heat in the pan with tiny cooking butter until evenly brown.

and now lay some lettuce/baby spinach and tomato slices, place the chicken finger, top it with mayonnaise and ketchup then wrap it. This is the weird part that I meant for this post. when you combine with this chicken and this paratha wrap, it tasted ‘weird’. Paratha is delicious with curry not with sauce or mayonnaise. However, when I tried it with tortilla wrap, it tasted amazing and everyone should try this.

now the salad

crushed the toasted almonds

mix everything in a bowl, add lemon and salad cream

and here you go. For me, this simple easy recipe that I can make during my lazy time.

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I make pretty things I love making DIY projects I love decoration I like to transform old stuff to new. I like to recycle things (hopefully, it saves the environment) I love traveling (especially when I have the budget)

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