I ABSOLUTELY love this method to remove my blackheads around my nose and face.This is an easy mask that can quickly be prepared in my kitchen.

I’ve read that egg white can tighten the pores of our face and also reduce the chances of blackheads. I can’t  deny that since I’ve done this method so many times and I felt my face so smooth and tight.

You just need an egg, some pieces of facial tissues and a small bowl.

break the egg and separate the white from the yolk

Hand-whisk the white york until it is foamy

In order to apply this, you can strip the tissue to a thin layer,

Dip the strip tissues in the egg’s white and place then press it onto face very gently.

Next is my secret, prepare a hot water in a big bowl and place you face towards the hot water. wait until the sweats come out then Let the mask dry properly. you’ll know when it dries because It tightens the skin then peel the tissue layers gently

once you took out you’ll see the result and you will get the satisfaction when you see all those blackheads come out.

after that wash your face with clean water to make sure that all residues are cleaned properly and pat dry your face.

finally, I like to use a natural aloe vera by applying on my face. it smells awful though but it’s good for our skin and with that I felt fresh.

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