3 THINGS How EASY I Makeover My Bed – Low budget

Actually, I don’t want to post this yet, I want to make sure my bedroom is completely done before I show you guys, but because of the excitement that I have, I can’t wait, so I decided to show you guys the transformation of my bed.

My bed was very messy and a lot of things need to be done to make it perfect. I love this beautiful space, and I’m not spending a huge money to make it beautiful, it only cost me like I RM250 typically turn my bed into a space that I get excited to sleep in again!

1.Start with bed sheets

I used two basic bed sheets, a white color which I love, it just a basic color and simple. The first layer is the one that I already have. The second layer is the one that I DIY which is i bought a  100% cotton cloth king size and then I sew the edges with zigzag style.


I bought this patchwork comforter/blanket around like RM110 I guess, I forgot already. it came with 4 pillow covers and a bolster pillow cover.my fabric selection is always 100% cotton because it’s very comfy and you won’t feel hot or cold with this kind of bedding which is perfect.

3. The Pillows

The pillows play an important role in bed decoration. I only have 2 pillows and I bought 2 @dasabdul hotel collection pillows as an additional support while sitting up in bed to read my magazines or watching youtube on my phone. it is comfortable, ihuge and this is actually the pillow used by a lot of hotels.

AgainIused white pillow covers for the biggest pillows which i already have.

Throw pillows are also important to form in bed decoration and unfortunately, i dont have it. so i decided to make on my own 3 throw pillows. you may refer this link to know how i make throw pillows.

I want pillows with quotes so it able  to give me a good vibes before i go to sleep and after i wake up.

i love traveling so much especially  when i have the budget.Traveling gives me a huge meaning in life. These quotes “adventures is the best way to learn” and “dream big” are always give me goosebumps so that why i choose this quotes

I just printed out the quotes on sticky paper and pasted on the pillow, then i put on some fabric paint.

Another throw pillow I choose furry fabric. the variety of fabrics makes the bed looks perfect.

The biggest pillows are always at the back and the smallest are in front such a simple rule in bed decoration.The selection of fabrics and colors of the decorative pillows are all highlighted by choosing different colors for all pillows.

and here is the final result what do you think? let me know below in the comments.

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