DIY Wooden Pallet Sign – Christmas Gift

This year once again I joined Christmas gift exchange with my officemates. It’s kind of a yearly event here where I live, no matter what beliefs we have, everybody is down to the Christmas gift exchange.

How is it done here might be different. We practice ‘lucky draw’ like whoever name I pulled out, I need to prepare a present for that person. This year I got a beautiful girl that just joined us as an intern her name is Yi Peng.

I honestly don’t really know her well because she just joined us few weeks ago but when I showed her my previous DIY projects, she loved it.

So I decided to make her the wood pallet sign with her name on it.

and  I’m also so excited to show you guys my new logo…… 🙂

List of Supplies:

  1. Wooden Pallet
  2. Acrylic Paint
  3. Paint Brush
  4. Sticker paper
  5. Printer
  6. Jute Rope
  7. Wooden Nails
  8. Glitters
  9. Wooden Glue

img_2945Firstly, the wooden pallet.

Measurement :

Big board: Height 4 Inch
Width 14 Inch

Small board: Height 2 Inch
Width 7 Inch

img_2950 img_2954

The original color of this wooden pallet wasn’t attractive enough. So, I painted with Teak color from wood varnish paint to make it more attractive. I actually I’m looking for Walnut color but the hardware store near house my doesn’t have it. So yeah, I just go with Teak color.


The only thing I don’t know about this paint is, it’s so sticky and it takes the longer time to dry. like, I need a day to make sure it’s really dry but once it dries, I’m extremely happy because the color is so beautiful.

img_3110It is time to attach altogether by using wooden nails


There you go. It looks nice, right?


and now nailed this jute rope at the back of it. To get this rope, urgh… I tell is not easy. I had to go to 5 different hardware stores to get this rope. I don’t know why is so hard to get this type of rope here. I really need this type of rope because it looks classy. don’t you think guys?


For an extra support, I apply wooden glue to make sure the rope strongly sticks to the wood.


Now for the Name. Printed the name in your preference calligraphy and carefully remove only the black color.


Stick the sticky paper to the pallet and decorate the alphabets. Sprayed the alphabets with glue by using adhesive spray then pour the glitter onto alphabets. I prefer golden glitter so the words stand out a bit.


wait until it dries, gently remove the sticky paper.



Next step is the decoration. I make felt flowers to decorate the pallet.



and here walla! the finish look. what do you think guys?


Yipeng loved it so much. She was so shocked when the first time she saw the present. I’m so happy that she smiles.


If you guys have any questions leave it in the comment below. I’ll reply as soon as I can. If you wanna see her reaction when she opened her Christmas gift please follow me on facebook.

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Thank you so much, guys.


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