Perth City is Dead?


Once I got back from Perth, Australia, I got a lot of queries related to my trip such as how much money do you need to go to Perth?is it safe there? Where are you staying? How many days did you stay?A lot of them keep asking me the same questions.

I can tell a lot of people want to travel abroad but they maybe don’t how or scared.

My first trip to abroad was in South Korea in 2010 with my friends. We went there as an independent traveler no tour guide. Based on that trip, I knew I can survive if I travel without a tour guide, I just need an extra planning.

The important thing I want to say is my trip to Perth is not a budget trip, it’s not a so-called backpacker and also not super fancy trip. It’s affordable trip. I went to Perth for only 3 days because last year I went to Bandung, Indonesia for about a week and I can’t adapt to the environment because It’s too crowded. I feel like I can’t breathe at all, because of that I told myself I will never travel abroad for more than 3 days. Unfortunately, I regret that, when I arrived in Perth. It was just so lovely, the weather is so nice (well a bit cold),a lot of beautiful views,nice people and it’s all just breathtaking.

Flight ticket

The first thing I do to confirm that I’m absolutely going to Australia by booking the flight ticket.

The most important thing for you, when booking flight ticket is to compare the price between Airlines. I use to do that, so far I loved it .I choose Malindo airline for RM 700 return ticket.

dsc_1339 dsc_1338







What I like about this airline :

  • It’s a low-cost airline
  • Price include the meal and30kg luggage
  • Free entertainment.

What I mostly don’t like about this airline:

  • Flight attendant hardly smiles (after 4 times flying with Malindo)
  • Bad landing (after 4 times flying with Malindo)

The rest was just fine.


7bd7c889_zThe most expensive things I ever paid for this trip is this hotel. I booked this hotel through The website that I think provided a really user-friendly guide. We booked this hotel for 3 nights with total AUD 300.

A lot of cheap hostels or guest houses I found on this website but mostly shared- bathroom, suitable for backpacker. My sister and I are not going as a backpacker so we decided to stay at Sage hotel Perth.


dsc_1348All I can say this hotel is amazing, it’s affordable and cozy. We absolutely amazed when the receptionist told us that the water came directly from the pipe is safe to drink and I was just like what??? We don’t really have that in Malaysia.Hence,it tastes much better compared to our drinking water.


Another thing about this hotel is everything is organic, from shampoo, conditioner, body soap and everything. Those products feel so good, it smells great ,fresh and it is FREE. The only thing we need to be cautious about is all the provided snacks in the room.

Any snacks taken will be charged in our bills. so, we just stared at the snacks at least we know the existence of it. 🙂

The bed oh! I can’t say a word about it. It was so cozy,comfy and it is huge.


Is the Perth city dead?


I have done my research online before book the flight ticket. Mostly said, Perth city is like a ghost city because it has less population compare to other cities.

My friend told me nothing much I can see in Perth, She suggested Sydney or Gold Coast  for me to visit but Perth flight ticket much cheaper than those cities.So still Perth is my choice.

dsc_1353On our first day of our trip, we landed at airport around 2.00pm and reach our hotel around 3.30pm. We got so hungry and food is calling us, so this is the first place we stopped to get food.

A Malaysian restaurant. We ordered Nasi Ayam and Sweet Sour Rice. Delicious but it doesn’t taste like home.

All the way to get our food, we are amazed by these amazing architectures. I believe these are much older than me. I can guarantee that!. Look how classic the design of these buildings. Amazing!



After that, we decided to go visit Perth city during the night. Perth is so cold and unfortunately,we brought none of the thick clothes. The Australian immigration at the airport was so nice, he warned us the weather getting cold so we should prepare thick clothes. It’s spring! we never expect it would be that cold.

dsc_1367We want to buy jacket/coat because the weather getting cold but we cant , you know why? Yes! Perth city is dead after 5.00pm because all of
the stores close sharp at 5.00pm.

People won’t go out to buy things at night because the stores are close.

Perth city is like a town , you literally able to count how many people at the park during the night.

You can see by the pictures how clear the sidewalk is but I have to say the people in Perth is still amazing.

The good thing is the buidsc_1361ldings are NOT dead after 5.00pm, look at these lights, it’s spectacular. We are still able to take awesome pictures.

Sadly , we have to go back at our hotel  soonest possible because the weather getting worse. The most shocking moment is when we knew it just 8.30pm. I mean, we are in a different country and we want to explore more but we cant.

Well, we decided to go back and rest as much as we could because tomorrow morning will a long journey.





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