DIY an Old Key Holder Box

This is my ‘can’t wait’ project ever. I kept this super old key holder box for quite some time because  I don’t know what to do with it, you can see the spider webs all over it. I haven’t got the idea for so long and now I do. I really need this key holder box since I always lost my keys because they are super tiny.


• clippers
• An old key holder box
• Glue gun
• Flowers (large buds, small buds, some greenery)

First Step

Obviously, I cleaned it up.

For decoration, I’m a fan of the white color or bright colors because it makes my room looks bigger. So, I choose this Nippon white shining spray paint (made in Japan),

Maybe some of you are familiar with Krylon, but Krylon is super expensive here. So I use this brand, it’s only RM 8.80  and I have to say this brand is super good.

The color blends well. The paint hardly dripping like the previous brand that I use.

Next Step – Flowers arrangement

To get this fake/artificial flowers is easy but to get the best price is not easy. I didn’t realize fake flowers can be so expensive it nearly RM 6.00 for 4 buds. Well, that’s how it is.

I prepare all of the flowers by giving them cut to make it short. Arrange the greenery first, stick using a glue gun.

Begin by adding my biggest flower . For this, I chose pink rose  and I loved how the color of this rose makes the key holder box stand out.  Then start adding the rest of the flowers (the small flowers) .

Final Result

Hang on the wall and use it like new.


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I make pretty things I love making DIY projects I love decoration I like to transform old stuff to new. I like to recycle things (hopefully, it saves the environment) I love traveling (especially when I have the budget)

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