How I Makeover My Makeup Dresser


This week I decide to makeover my makeup dresser because it looks so boring, old and dirty. I want to spice up my room and get excited to do makeup every day.

All of my makeup collection such as brushes, lipsticks, toners,beauty creams and others were in drawers. I just throw it in the drawers so it doesn’t look messy on the outside. Well! even though it doesn’t look messy but it looks disgusting.



To cover it up, I use wallpaper and I was so lucky because I found the exact design that I really want.

img_0127 img_0147 img_0150

Every room needs to have a mirror. I found this an old mirror somewhere in my house, it looks very antique I love it, EXCEPT the colour. The colour is just not my taste at all. So, I painted to sparkling silver and when I hung the mirror on the wall,the result was amazing .

dsc_0265 dsc_0268 dsc_0273


I already in love with this even though it isn’t done yet.

Next is my makeup brushes collection. I need to organise my brushes since I can’t find it whenever I want to use it.  I use my DIY cups that I have done before.


People usually filling the cup by using marbles or orbeez. Since I don’t have those, I just use rice. It perfectly holds the brushes.

img_0175 img_0176


Flower pot is a must in any dresser from my point of view. To do this makeover I don’t buy  a lot of new items except the wallpaper. I just use anything that has in my house, included the flower pot.

To be honest, usually I don’t throw things easily, that is why I got a lot of recycled things in my house.

For the flower pot, I just grabbed recycle jar, filled in with this what are called ‘uniform polymer particles’ that I got from my pillow which I don’t use it anymore. img_0182img_0183Then decorate with flowers.


I also use recycle jar for these two crucial things that I use while doing makeup, my cotton bud and cotton pad/tissue.


Now it’s time to organise for my beauty creams, face toners, perfumes and yes I’m a fan of Mary Kay products. To organise it properly I use my old unused picture frame.



decorated with the flower pot.


The big one at the back, smallest ones in front.


My last touch  will be candles. I only have this tiny candles and to make it looks a bit fancy I use these recycle jars.

img_0246 img_0240 img_0248

Tadaaa!!! my beautiful makeup dresser. I totally love the colours combination. It looks so fancy and the cheapest ever.


My next project will be my computer desk.

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