Hometown is Awesome

It’s been a few months since I visit my parents last holiday.My dad will never ever say using his own mouth that he misses me or my sisters, which we live miles away in different states.It because my dad is a kind of guy who doesn’t really express his feeling using words, but he shows it in nonverbally.I can’t go back often since it takes 8 hours by car to go back to my hometown.

However, this visit is much more fun.my sisters and I had decided to go out and eat together in a restaurant that really popular which I never knew the existence of this restaurant even though it’s literally in my hometown.

When I stepped into the restaurant, I found out the design of the building was spectacular.


This is actually the design used by Malaysian royal and rarely found nowadays.


DSC_0047-001This place was so relaxing with trees and cold winds. A perfect place to hang out.
Well, back to the restaurant, I found no fancy menu in this restaurant, but we couldn’t even found any empty seat because all dining table was filled.
We have to wait beside the table until someone leave and then we can get our food.





Fish sauce with lime,chilies and durian -yummy


The food was amazing. Even though it was not fancy dishes which is something that you can easily cook at home but the taste was really good. This is really an original Kelantanese recipe that’s not easily found in any place.

After that we just enjoy the view around the restaurant. A lot of things that they offer here like shops that sell gifts.

Takraw ball


And also on the second floor of this unique building they provide a painting lesson in a room which was decorated with an old fashion classroom.




from second floor the view was so refreshing.



Sometimes you don’t have to go to oversea to enjoy a unique scenery because it might have at where you live.You just need to pick up your bag and go.

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p/s : I’m still learning foreign language.



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