Visiting Malacca – Historical Place

Visiting historical places makes you realize on how people are struggling for life back then. It’s hurt to know about it, but that’s the truth.

However, now the historic place is a place to visit and have fun with family and friends

I visit this place with my friends called Melacca. It was really stunning. You can see a lot of old buildings. The building that full with historical events.

I had once brought my dad over here and he was just like staring none stop to the building, I guess it reminds him on something because he was born before independence day. That’s related to something I believe.


A famosa

IMG_20150905_184715 IMG_20150905_152833




This is the Malacca river which flows through the middle of Malacca city.

IMG_20150905_184240 IMG_20150905_184211

The thing that I most attracted is this rickshaw or some people call it tricycle.


Frozen theme

Usually you’ll see a boring an old rickshaw but this one came with a variety of decoration which attracted kids the most.


Hello Kitty



IMG_20150905_183313 IMG_20150905_183303 IMG_20150905_151839 IMG_20150905_151837

But wait until night, it builds with this cool lighting. I’m amazed by that.

IMG_20150905_193942 IMG_20150905_193938 IMG_20150905_193912 IMG_20150905_194326 IMG_20150905_194319 IMG_20150905_193959

Well one day is ain’t enough for you to travel in Malacca. Nevertheless, me and my friends had so much fun.

I hope you enjoy it!

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