How I make Christmas Hamper with a Shoe box

Personally, I don’t celebrate Christmas but me and my co-worker really have fun by doing a gift exchange between co-workers

My co-worker is a coffee lover, I actually have no idea what to give to him since I don’t like coffee. So I have decided to make this hamper. I’m so happy he really like it.

So this how I do it.

You’ll need :

  • A shoe box
  • Small size of Styrofoam blocks/balls
  • Soft fiberfill stuffing ( to make it look like snow)
  • Ribbons
  • The goods for hamper ( I use mug,cookie,potato chips and coffee powder)


My color theme is red, black and white.

Firstly fill up all the Styrofoam into the box, then cover it with fiber but not too much just to cover the styrofoam.


Next wrap with ribbon

First thing I do is to put the potato chips because it’s too high. Then cover around it with fiber.


Big box in the middle.


Then coffee. I arrange the goods in a fan shaped so it looks bigger.


The smaller thing will be in front.


The mug was completely white and to make sure it doesn’t look so boring , I write some small note then stick it on the mug.


Lastly, my DIY coffee card. How I do it? please click here


Well! The hamper is done. However, I wrap it with hamper wrapper so it looks ‘wow’ 🙂 and decorate with more ribbons.


Please do enjoy it 🙂

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I make pretty things I love making DIY projects I love decoration I like to transform old stuff to new. I like to recycle things (hopefully, it saves the environment) I love traveling (especially when I have the budget)

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