Coffee Lover Christmas Card

This is how I make the special card to my co-worker who is a coffee lover. He can drink coffee 3 to 4 times in a day, that’s a lot for me since I don’t like coffee.

First, you’ll need a template. This is very important so you won’t messed up while making the card.


I use the template as the measurement.


Black color is my choice for the card. Cut it follow the template.

To decorate the card. I use white card and stick it on the top (please refer below pictures)




Next step, I choose glitter gold paper for the middle cardย decoration.


Stick gold ribbon



Then stick onto the card. I think it looks a bit fancy with gold glitter.



When I mentioned it to my co-worker that I made the card on my own.He was so happy and I really can tell from his face expression that he really appreciates my card.

I guess when you made something with your own hands, people tend to appreciate it more than when you are buying. I believe they can sense your sincerity.

please enjoy it and subscribe ๐Ÿ™‚



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I make pretty things I love making DIY projects I love decoration I like to transform old stuff to new. I like to recycle things (hopefully, it saves the environment) I love traveling (especially when I have the budget๏Š)

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