DIY Cute Make Up Bag

C360_2015-01-04-22-29-02-635Why waste your money while you can make on your own. I want a cute makeup beg, I could go buy but I think rather than I waste my money why don’t I do on my own. I believe you also can just follow pictures below.

you’ll need  a few things only


  • Cloth ( I use felt cloth)
  • Scissor
  • Zip
  • Sewing Machine (optional, you also can use hand sewing)


Cut the cloth  to rectangle shape wide 8 1/2 inch and height 14 1/2 inch.


Cut the bottom edge as shown in the picture. I cut it 1 inch each but it depends on you preference .


Sew the zip




C360_2015-01-04-22-22-43-685then the bottom edge (example as picture below)


Then you done


To make it cute decorate the bag with cute felt flowers.


well I’m satisfied with my work.You should try it. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to sew you just need to keep practicing.

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